Introduction of AEF (Asia-Pacific e-Friends)

AEF Summer camps 2004-2020

AEF’s summer camp is the  biggest and most influential ministry in pastor/missionary TJ Hsieh’s mission in Taiwan.  In the last 16 years over 1350 young people work together to serve 3350 third grade to seventh grade students.  Many young lives have been changed by God because of participating in AEF through the love of God in the camp and leadership training.  AEF is both a children’s camp and a youth training camp, preparing the youths to be future missionaries and leaders.   

In addition, over the last 16 years, non Christian TA’s have become believers when they come back to AEF again and again.  The friendships and relationships with the students give them a first hand taste of the love of God.  Christian volunteers are challenged with increasing responsibilities and become more mature servants.  Leaders become even more influential and some even enter full time service.  These are the tangible fruits of AEF summer camp in addition to sharing the gospel with all the kids who attend as students.  



(Small Group Leaders)

Short term missionaries. 


Teaching Assistants


Adult VolunteersTotal

First 14 years – American E-Friends ( Red T- Shirts ) 2004-2017

English Music Camp


AEF TRAINING PROGRAM:   7 training stages to become a leader – in the 7th and last step, they are graduated.   A select few will become camp directors – but only those gifted with special leadership.  


Second 14 years – Asia-Pacific E-Friends ( Blue T- Shirts ) 2018-2031

English, Taiwanese, Computer Swift language, Japanese, Korean Music Camp 


AEF started as a camp for kids and youths to have lots of fun and build lasting meaningful relationships.  It was also designed to be a training center for future missionaries and leaders.  

As the students learn and love each other, God will bear amazing fruit of leadership, love for the disadvantaged, and knowledge of technology that will make them effective as servants any where they go, whether in a church or in a missions ministry.  They will truly become salt and light to the world where ever God calls them to be.  Generations upon generations of missionaries and leaders for their entire lifetime and for the lives of their children.  Hallelujah!

Video of AEF

Personal documentary of AEF by Chris Su.